Vapors and hydrocarbons recovery plants

Volatile Organic Components (VOCs)
Volatile Organic Components (VOCs) are a wide-ranging series of highly volatile hydrocarbons, which emerge naturally or in course of different technological processes.

Different choices of oil products prospecting, production and sales arrangement, are usually share the feature, that they include several liquid hydrocarbons transfer points.

Integration of emission control systems is also economically beneficial, including the option of vaporous VOCs recovery for their reutilization. Value of the recovered product and other associated advantages contribute to production profitability and return on investments (ROI).

The LLC «Research and Production Association «GYPROGAZ» offers the solutions that meet all Russian and international statutory regulations on emissions control, which enable control of all major VOCs emissions at refineries and storage terminals.
Types of technologies applied
  • Carbon-vacuum adsorption
  • Membrane technology
  • Adsorption technology
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