Mobile membrane gas treatment plants

Feed gas
Подготовленный газ
Waste gas for own needs or disposal unit non-compliant gas
Mobile Compressor Station
Mobile membrane gas treatment plant
Off-gas recovery unit
Сырьевой газ
Подготовленный газ
Отходящий газ на собственные нужды или блок утилизации некондиционного газа
Передвижная компрессорная станция
Передвижная мембранная установка подготовки газа
Блок утилизации некондиционного газа
Gas compression
Fuel gas treatment
APG utilization
Gas dehydration
Separation of H2S and CO2
Application or disposal of non-compliant gas generated by production facilities
Specifications of mobile gas treatment plants:
Feed gas capacity:
250 m3/hour to 1000 m3/hour scalable under the LEGO principle
Feed gas pressure range:
0,1 MPa and more
Configurations available
Advantages of mobile and traveling gas treatment units
Transportability due to truck chassis applied
No building and assembly works required for assembly of the gas treatment equipment at the operating production facility
Due to transportability of the equipment the Customer does not need to build an own infrastructure of the site and therefore gain considerable savings both on building and assembly costs and the time
No State Expertise approval is required, minimization of workload from supervisory authorities
Ability to disconnection and demounting of individual assemblies from the process train for multiple application on other sites
Mobile gas treatment plants produce the fuel gas for generation of thermal and electrical energy on early stages of fields development
Much lower project investments related to the capital infrastructure
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