Membrane gas treatment plants

Our solutions on membrane treatment of the hydrocarbon gas enable implementation of the following objectives:
NG and APG treatment to transportable quality
APG treatment to the fuel gas standards
Gas treatment of the Company Standard СТО Газпром 089−2010 or the National Standard ГОСТ 5542–2014 «Natural fuel gases for commercial and domestic use»
Helium (He) and hydrogen (H2) concentration
VOCs emission control
Methane number boost and increase of the net calorific value
Treatment of foul gas (desulphurization) to the fuel gas standards
CO2 removal
Gas dehydration and stripping, the DPT
Production of the membrane plants is based on the principle of modularity.
Manufacturers of membrane elements produce unified membrane modules, differing by configuration of membrane cartridges, operating pressures and throughput capacities. Choice of a relevant number of membrane modules and selection of a relevant equipment package provide for the required capacity of the plant.

Depending on the objective, single - stage and multistage membrane plants are available. Multistage configurations of plants are applied for gas treatment processes with recirculating flow of the permeate gas and higher output of the product gas (retentate) per plant.
Single-stage membrane plants
Multistage membrane plants
Standard set of process equipment in a gas separation plant package:
Scrubber or coalescing filter. Mounted immediately upstream the membrane gas separation assembly. Provides for membranes protection against condensate and solid particles
Membrane gas separation assembly. Number of membrane modules and their construct type are defined by calculations for the specific objective. Modules may be fitted with a case-specific set of valves and fittings
Shutoff, control and safety valves and fittings. Manual, electric and air drives are available. Assembly as per the rules for safe operation of equipment
Controls and Instrumentation. Temperature and pressure transducers are available on request. When required (under the Requirements Specification) — flow meters, dew point analyzers are available
Gas metering units (operational and/or fiscal) on upstream and downstream gas flows of the plant
Process piping
Control system
Fire suppression system
Membrane plant versions:
A containerized module manufactured to fire and explosion safety standards applied in the oil and gas industry
Prefabricated building / shelter
Such building accommodates a compressor, a membrane assembly and a filter battery
Skid-mounted unit with winterization of all service lines and equipment
Exemplar layout arrangements of membrane gas separation units
Equipment is supplied in a modular version of the maximum operational readiness along with a package of technical and permissive documentation
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