APG and NG treatment

Associated petroleum gas (APG) is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases, dissolved in oil or residing in "caps" of oil and gas condensate fields.

The APG is extracted from the trolly oil flow due to pressure relief, basically it is a mixture of hydrocarbons (from methane to hexane) with non-hydrocarbon components: hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen, mercaptanes which later on present challenges in processing of the gas.

The APG is a highly valuable feed for energy and chemical industries.
Useful applications of APG include several options:
Collection and processing of gas with extraction of natural gas liquids and production of dry stripped gas (dry gas) which is supplied to gas transmission system, and application of gas as a feed to fields process purposes in mining areas.
Treatment of fuel gas for local demand in energy resources, including power generation.
Solution provided by the «NPO «Gyprogas» enable APG and NG treatment to the following criteria:
The Company standard СТО Газпром 089-2010 for supply to gas transmission systems
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) reduction to requirements of the National Standard ГОСТ 5542–2014 or the Company standard СТО Газпром 089−2010
Fuel gas for gas-fueled reciprocating power plants (GRPP) and gas turbine power plants (GTPP)
Dehydration and gas-gasoline processing of hydrocarbon gas
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