Nitrogen plants and stations

Adsorption nitrogen plants generate the nitrogen gas from the air with nitrogen purity grade up to 99.999% and the production rate up to 5000 m3/h.
Primary industrial applications of the nitrogen gas:
Oil/gas industry
Nitrogen is mostly applied for inerting in order to ensure explosion and fire safety in technological processes, as well as in hydrocarbons transportation and transfer. Besides nitrogen Is applied for pipelines testing and purging, as well as for cleaning of process vessels at hydrocarbon transfer devices and storage facilities, etc.
Chemical and petrochemical industries
Purging and nitrogen blanketing in different technological processes in order to ensure safety are the basic and very important applications of nitrogen in chemical and petrochemical industries.
Metallurgical industry
The principal application of nitrogen in the metallurgical industry is protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in course of annealing. Nitrogen is also applied in other technological processes of the industry, such as martensite quenching, carbonization, hard brazing, stress relieving, cyanidation, powder - metal sintering, extruder die cooling, etc.
Food and beverage industry
In the food and beverage industry, nitrogen is applied for inert packing of food items, therefore extending shelf life of finished products
Pharmaceutical industry
In the pharmaceutical industry, nitrogen is applied in packing of preparations, ensuring explosion and fire safety in handling of fine substances and explosive materials.
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